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BBNC is funded by NSW Department of Communities and Justice, specifically the Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) program.

Evidence shows that children’s life chances are affected by both their families and communities, and that both can be changed for the better.
The TEI program delivers a wide variety of support to children, young people, families and communities.

Each Local community has different priorities and needs so the TEI program is flexible, responsive and locally based.

Services are delivered under two broad streams:

‘Community Strengthening’ – activities that build cohesion, inclusion and wellbeing across all communities, and empower Aboriginal communities.

‘Wellbeing and Safety’ – activities that support families and individuals, and provide opportunities for personal development.

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre aims to meet its TEI Service through:

  • Provision of a Community Centre – providing a place to meet, interact, volunteer, or seek help or support. This may include provision of meeting space, sponsorship/support for forums, groups and programs (including parent, youth, early childhood), and access to equipment and technology such as computers, software and internet etc.
  • Development of Community Connections – building social capital and networks, promoting social inclusion, tolerance and diversity. This may include sponsorship/support of events, workshops, art and cultural or community activities etc..
  • Provision of Community Support – providing programs to improve individual capacity (knowledge, skills, experience, confidence and well-being), social inclusion and participation. This may include sponsorship/support of training, workshops, activities that provide community support, and provision of volunteer opportunities etc..
  • Provision of Targeted Support – providing assistance for people in specific categories of disadvantage or difficulty (e.g. domestic violence, social/economic disadvantage). This may include sponsorship/support of counselling, parenting or family groups or programs, playgroups, youth or child care activities etc.