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Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre


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Information, Food Assistance, Child & Adult Groups & Services, Community Events, Computer Lessons, Free Counselling, Energy Account assistance (EAPA), Equipment (PCs, Laundry Facilities & Lawnmower).

BBNC is currently funded by NSW Family & Community Services under the Community Builders Program, which aims to make communities stronger as a way of reducing inequality and disadvantage (see more about the Community Builders Program below). We provide a place where people can meet and access resources. We also support workshops, training, events and activities held at the Centre by other local services and groups. BBNC aims to be inclusive, and to provide as much support as possible to people needing assistance.

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A Little Bit of History

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre (BBNC) opened its doors to the community in January 1991 as Cynthia Street Neighbourhood Centre (CSNC) after the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc was successful in obtaining funding for the Centre through the Central Coast Area Assistance Scheme. Its primary aim was to assess the local needs in the area and find avenues to meet those needs.

From January 1996,  CSNC was able to establish on-going funding for Before and After School care and Vacation Care programs (which they no longer auspice), as well as to provide support and a venue for individuals and groups  from Tumbi Umbi, Bateau Bay, Killarney Vale and Forresters Beach.

In late 2010 CSNC transitioned into the NSW Government Human Services Community Services Community Builders funding program, which aims to enable communities to address disadvantage by providing opportunities for people to engage in a wide variety of social, economic, cultural, recreational, learning and civic activities.

In 2013 the Centre changed its name from Cynthia St Neighbourhood Centre to Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre. It is auspiced by the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc (the BVNC Inc, see more below). Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre (as well as Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre, which is also auspiced by BVNC Inc – see below) is funded under the NSW FACS Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) Program. Service delivery under TEI is aimed at children, young people, families and communities who are potentially vulnerable or have known vulnerabilities, including those experiencing crisis.

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Funding and Service Priorities

In late 2010 BVNC Inc, on behalf of Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre and Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre, entered the NSW Government Department of Human Services Community Services Community Builders funding program.  Consistently with Community Builders funding priorities, our two Neighbourhood Centres have aimed to provide a capacity-building community resource which connects people to information, services, and each other. We have sought to build community resilience and to improve safety, security and well-being in our local areas. Our Centres have also provided venues and facilities for a range of community-based, non-profit services and activities for local community members, including information, workshops and assistance provided by visiting agencies at our Centres.

Our Service priorities have evolved, and continue to evolve, under current Government policy priorities and funding guidelines, as well as in response to changes in local conditions and in community expectations. We are currently funded under the Community Strengthening stream of FACS’ Targeted Early Intervention model of service priorities and accountabilities.  More information about Community Builders, Targeted Early Intervention and the Community Strengthening stream can be found below.

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Community builders

The following information is taken from http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/for-agencies-that-work-with-us/our-funding-programs/community-builders

ComicStripResilienceThe Community Builders program provides funding for a range of services to strengthen communities and build their capacity.

These services include:

  • community and neighbourhood centres where people can meet and access resources
  • services and projects targeting particular groups such as men, women and cultural groups
  • projects to support and build communities and community organisations, such as by providing mentoring schemes and management training.

Why is this program important?

Community Builders was developed in response to evidence showing that making communities stronger is an effective way of reducing inequality and disadvantage.

Strong communities are more resilient, and are better able to respond to challenges.

Who benefits?

Community Builders services are open to communities in NSW with a strong focus on assisting disadvantaged groups in the community.

Disadvantaged groups may include people on low incomes, people who are isolated due to where they live, people who have little or no access to community resources meaning they are not able to participate in community life and activities.

What does the program deliver?

Services funded by Community Builders fit into four service activity categories:

  • community hubs are local centres that help improve the community’s connectedness and capacity e.g. by providing information and referral on local services; access to the internet, access to skills training, and a place for local groups to meet.
  • community skills development projects work directly with community members to increase their ability to participate in their community  e.g. through recruiting and training volunteers; providing training in mentoring and leadership and by providing training in how to establish and run community organisations
  • community capacity building projects help build community strength by building links between community members with a focus on including disadvantaged groups e.g. by holding social or cultural events or by setting up a community network around a shared issue.
  • community sector development projects build the capacity of service providers to work together on issues affecting their communities through the provision of professional learning, mentoring and network development skills.

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Targeted Early Intervention

MULTIkids GraphicBateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre (as well as Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre, which is also auspiced by BVNC Inc – see below) is funded under the NSW FACS Targeted Early Intervention Program. The TEI Program was developed to complement the FACS early intervention service system. Service delivery under TEI is aimed at children, young people, families and communities who are potentially vulnerable or have known vulnerabilities, including those experiencing crisis.

Community Strengthening

The Community Strengthening stream of TEI aims to connect disadvantaged or excluded members of the community with the broader community. This is done by improving access to fundamental material and social resources. Fundamental resources include adequate housing, health care, employment, education, support or financial resources.

Another way to strengthen communities is by enabling socially isolated people to be part of community social activities and events. In addition, we can promote and enable collective involvement with community issues and opportunities.

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre aims to meet its TEI Service through:

  • Provision of a Community Centre – providing a place to meet, interact, volunteer, or seek help or support. This may include provision of meeting space, sponsorship/support for forums, groups and programs (including parent, youth, early childhood), and access to equipment and technology such as computers, software and internet etc.
  • Development of Community Connections – building social capital and networks, promoting social inclusion, tolerance and diversity. This may include sponsorship/support of events, workshops, art and cultural or community activities etc..
  • Provision of Community Support – providing programs to improve individual capacity (knowledge, skills, experience, confidence and well-being), social inclusion and participation. This may include sponsorship/support of training, workshops, activities that provide community support, and provision of volunteer opportunities etc..
  • Provision of Targeted Support – providing assistance for people in specific categories of disadvantage or difficulty (e.g. domestic violence, social/economic disadvantage). This may include sponsorship/support of counselling, parenting or family groups or programs, playgroups, youth or child care activities etc.

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BVNC Inc operates two Neighbourhood Centres:

and an Out of School Hours Care service:

Structure of BVNC Inc


More information about the BVNC Inc, BVNC Inc Membership, and the BVNC Inc Board of Governance is available at the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre website at bvnc.org.au.

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How to Become a Member

BBNC is auspiced by Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Incorporated. To be a member, you have to apply and be approved by the BVNC Inc Board of Governance. Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December of the current year. You can become a member at any time throughout the year. The yearly cost is $2.20. If you are applying to join a group at BBNC, you will need a member of that group to sponsor you.

Read more about membership on the Membership page of the BVNC website. You will be able to download a printable membership form from there, OR Complete an online form.

If you have any enquiries, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

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Donations and Fundraising

BVNC a deductable gift recipient
handsgraphicBVNC inc has been endorsed as a deductable gift recipient. Donations over $2 to the organisation are tax deductable. Your donation will go towards enhancing the services provided by our Neighbourhood Centre projects at Glenning Valley and Bateau Bay as well as the Out of School Hours Care services we provide. It enables these projects to respond to the needs of those most disadvantaged in the community.
Charitable Fundraising Number
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