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Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre

A Little Bit of History

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre (BBNC) opened its doors to the community in January 1991 as Cynthia Street Neighbourhood Centre (CSNC) after the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc. was successful in obtaining funding through the Central Coast Area Assistance Scheme. Its primary aim was to assess the local needs in the area and find avenues to meet those needs.

From January 1996,  CSNC was able to establish on-going funding for Before and After School care and Vacation Care programs (which they no longer auspice), as well as to provide support and a venue for individuals and groups  from Tumbi Umbi, Bateau Bay, Killarney Vale and Forresters Beach.

In late 2010 CSNC transitioned into the NSW Government Human Services Community Services Community Builders funding program, which aims to enable communities to address disadvantage by providing opportunities for people to engage in a wide variety of social, economic, cultural, recreational, learning and civic activities.

In 2013 the Centre changed its name from Cynthia St Neighbourhood Centre to Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre. It is auspiced by the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc (the BVNC Inc).

Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

BVNC Inc operates 2 community hubs:

  • Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre, 10 Cynthia St, Bateau Bay; and
  • Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre, 1 – 3 Heather Ave, Glenning Valley.

Plus an Outside of School Hours Care service:

Tuggerah Out of School Hours Care Centre, Tuggerah Public School, 1 Pacific Hwy, Tuggerah.

BVNC Inc Organisational Chart


The Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre

BBNC’s main objective is to provide a community hub that will work with individuals, service providers and community groups to provide a locally based, single point of access to services and information that is accessible to all members of the community. The Centre will provide a resource that connects people to information and services that aim to promote community resilience and improved safety, security and well-being in the community. BBNC also works to provide a location for a range of community based, non-profit services including visiting and/or co-located agencies that will benefit residents.  More information can be found at the NSW Government website. http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/docswr/_assets/main/documents/comm_builders.pdf

BVNC Inc has been endorsed as a deductable gift recipient. Donations over $2 to the organisation are tax deductable. Your donation will go towards enhancing the services provided by our Neighbourhood Centre projects at Glenning Valley and Bateau Bay as well as the Out of School Hours Care services we provide. It enables these projects to respond to the needs of those most disadvantaged in the community.